A downloadable game for Windows


In the distant future an evil alien named Corrin comes back to the earth after being defeated on his first attempt.
After that Corrin seeks revenge on the earth and its inhabitants. Now its up to Yokari and her best friend Tea
to save the earth from its doomed state.
The game includes.

15 different party members!
4 different endings!
More than 7 different environments to explore!
Vibrant custom graphics!
More than 40 unique different foes!
2 modes to play in!

And most importantly!

A unique battle system!
Version 1.0
Version 1.1

Install instructions

Look at the game included "read me" file for any questions.


Planet Stuck Revenge Of Corrin 1.1.rar 365 MB
Planet Stuck Revenge Of Corrin.rar 365 MB